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Multi-texture Branding

We Make You Look Good

Multi-texture Branding

We Make You Look Good

Dye Sublimation

Dye-sublimation is the fine-tuned process of infusing (sublimating) dry ink into fabric under heat and pressure. After the sublimation is completed, fabric is cut and sewn into finished apparel and display products.

We strive for vibrant, lively colours using a process called LATE BINDING.

This process allows us a larger gamut with more control on the outcome of your product. We build our files in RGB colour mode, unifying vector and bitmap elements to give us a larger pool of colour options (also known as gamut). Shrinkage of gamut can occur multiple times in early binding. By delaying conversion from RGB to CMYK at the printer, only a single shrinkage occurs. This gives us more control of the final product’s colour. With this process you can expect louder, more vibrant, and lively colours!

Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products
Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products

Custom Design

We love a good challenge and welcome the opportunity to work with our clients on “out of the box” creative solutions. From 8-foot pizzas to life-sized animals, we take on projects that others may shy away from. We work with you to create a cohesive design complementing existing branding or to create a whole new look. Our full-service design and art team consists of creative people who specialize in large format display and apparel design.

Art Prints

Visual artists of all kinds choose Premier to reproduce their artwork onto fabric. Whether they need wide format fabric prints, throw pillows, quilting fabrics, 100 foot art installations or apparel, artists value the collaborative way in which we work.

Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products
Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products


Premier uses the Toyota Sewing System (TSS). A team of sewing operators works together in a U-shaped module of stand-up sewing machines One garment or flag passes from person to person until it is finished. This allows Premier to be flexible in scheduling, accommodating rush orders and short turn-around times. TSS also allows a higher level of quality control right from the first piece.

Colour Matching

We know that brands need colour consistency. Premier takes colour matching seriously. We work with our clients to find the closest achievable colour using a Pantone Matching System process.

Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products
Premier.ca designs, manufactures and sells dye sublimated custom display products

Brand & Dealer Programs

Premier creates brand equity and dealer programs to ensure easy access to consistent branding. Every program is unique, and may include customized catalogues, order forms and fulfillment strategies to support dealers. Grow brand equity by maintaining a consistent, recognizable brand on backdrops, banners, shirts, flags, and many more, all from one source.

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Did you know we sell promotional goods? Everything from hats and cups to pens and ponies. Well, maybe not ponies, but we do have an extensive network of suppliers for all your promotional requirements. Supply your logo or tagline, pick your products and you're off to the races. Promotional items are a great way to keep your brand fresh in the mind of customers.

We specialize in creating the best products for your brand. From corporate events to club functions, fundraisers to grand openings, conferences to sports tournaments, employee recognition to educational functions, we've got you covered.

Browse through our catalogs or check out our showrooms for quick inspiration. Have a specific product in mind? Take advantage of our in-depth search tool. Want to save a little money? Comb through our latest specials!

Whether your event is large or small, we have the perfect product for you. Look around and enjoy! If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Print Resources

Having the right resources makes the printing process that much easier. Here's some helpful information to get you going:

Production Related Documents

Company Policies, Etc.

Premier.ca Logo

Consistently transforming your ideas into engaging printed products is a complicated process. We reliably simplify your sourcing and printing experience so that your designs and communications impress.

premier.ca Brand Refresh

For sixty years, Premier Printing has been a printing service vendor for thousands of customers and countless impressions. From humble beginnings in a garage on the east side of Winnipeg to two bright and clean buildings totaling approximately 90, 000 square feet, we continue to chart a course to more comprehensively meet the needs of our primarily business-to-business relationships.


For decades our logo has maintained various implementations of the double-P – representing the Ps in Premier Printing, and graphically representing unwinding rolls of printing substrate. Our new logo continues to carry the motion of most printing processes, notably paper and fabric. At the same time, we have modernized the look and feel, removed the need for a circular bug and have added an angular element in a nod to the most recent branding of our Valley dye-sublimation and sewing facility.


Today, we are thrilled to update the branding of our company to better represent our current and future services. While our legal name remains Premier Printing Ltd., by name we are most readily recognized as simply ‘Premier’. Because we offer more than print services (though this is still what we’re most busy with), ‘Printing’ has been removed from our brand wordmark. Further, in light of plans to significantly increase our online, e-commerce capabilities, we have simply made our primary website our new wordmark: premier.ca.



Perhaps the most recognizable part of our branding for many years has been the ‘Premier’ orange and yellow. It represents legacy and recognition that we can’t throw away! And, so, although we have made some slight colour modifications, we will continue to proudly fly these company colours.


Valley Apparel and Display Logo

Twelve years ago this month, Premier Printing purchased in whole the design, dye-sublimation and sewing operations of Valley Fashions Inc. For twelve years it has continued to operate and sell under the ‘Valley’ brand, most recently as Valley – Apparel & Display. Moving forward, however, the use of the Valley brand will officially be deprecated and our dye-sublimation operation at 560 Marjorie Street will continue great work under the premier.ca brand. Still the same excellent staff, products and services as before, but now flying the same colours as the head office and paper facility at 1 Beghin Avenue.


Simply – Occam’s razor? K.I.S.S.? We are constantly finding the most efficient, least complicated way to deliver your products and our services. We reliably simplify to ensure your ‘simply.’

Making – Factories? Yes. Automation? Yes. But craftsmanship still matters! We creatively and productively use current equipment and technology!

Great – Making sure this is how your experience working with us should always be... after all, it’s in our name.

Impressions – Image. Reputation. Integrity. Yours and ours. We deliver timely and quality impressions all round so that you and yours can impress.


Icon bar of Premier.ca's services

Finally, this rebranding attempts to rectify an all too common remark we receive while servicing existing accounts or prospecting for new ones: ‘I didn’t know you also…

  • provided promotional product sales and service; or
  • designed and manufactured fully-customized apparel; or
  • could print and mail my catalogue; or
  • can store and fulfill my collateral from your warehouse, or
  • etc.

Yes, we can. Paper, Promo, Apparel, Display, Fulfillment are well within our wheelhouse. Talk to us today to relieve or improve on some of your sourcing and supply chain challenges!

Dye Sub Artwork Preparation and Guidelines

To ensure the highest quality output please keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting your artwork.

Vector-based graphics

Scaled to any size without the loss of quality, this artwork is typically created with illustration software (such as Adobe Illustrator), and is the preferred format for logos because of its crisp lines and scalability.

Vector-based files should be supplied in one of the following formats (if applicable):

  1. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  2. Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  3. Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)

In general, submitting vector based artwork allows us to achieve the best results.

Raster-based graphics

Typically, these images are generated via camera or created with photo-editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop). Raster-based artwork cannot be increased in size without losing quality.

Please provide images separately instead of embedding them.

Native files are preferred (for example, layered Photoshop files – .psd or .tif) rather than flattened files such as .jpeg.

At print size, images must have a minimum resolution of 100 dpi.

Remember to use RGB

Please provide artwork in RGB mode. At Premier we use a process called late binding which give us a wider gamut (more colours) to work with and better control. The result is louder, more vibrant and lively colours.

Colour Matching

If your artwork requires matching, please provide specific Pantone numbers for us to match.

Although we cannot guarantee exact matching with our dye-sublimation process we will work with our clients to find the closest achievable colour.


In order to avoid potential font issues please convert all fonts to outlines.

What type of artwork is acceptable?

Vector Artwork In general, vector-based artwork allows us to achieve the best results, as the artwork can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. Examples of common vector artwork file types include Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) and Portable Document Format (.pdf). When providing artwork it would be best to send those file types first if possible.

Non-Vector (Raster) Artwork If vector artwork is not available or for some reason inapplicable (ie. for photograph-based, raster imagery, etc.), we require images to have a minimum resolution of 100dpi at print size for best results. We would also prefer to work with native files (for example, layered Photoshop files) rather than flattened or compressed files such as jpeg.


If you would like to use one of our templates to prepare your artwork, just give us a call at 1.877.942.0595

Supplied artwork that does not meet our quality requirements may incur additional production time and cost. If you have any questions or concerns about do not hesitate to contact us.

Apparel Sizing

We want to ensure your garment is a perfect fit. To see how we size our apparel download our sizing guide document.

download our sizing guide.

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One of our representitives will respond shortly to your inquiry about reticulation printing and the benefits it can add to your next printing endevour.