onTRAC Planning Process

Planning is an essential life skill.

Premier is proud to help students develop age-appropriate planning strategies that address their personal and academic needs. Most Premier planners include the onTRAC® planning process, an action-oriented approach to planning, which maximizes the benefits of planning with minimal time and effort

onTRAC® is a memorable acronym for the four basic steps to planning:


about your short- and long-term plans. Jot them down so they’re not forgotten, and set goals to get them done!


things you want and need to do, things you must remember, and materials you need to bring home. Make managing information easy by writing things down so you don’t forget!


on planning your time and carrying out your tasks. Assess plans, goals, and commitments to identify where things are piling up. Prioritize to put the important tasks first and make the most of your time!


where you’re at! Keep track of what’s accomplished and what still needs to get done. Look back on your planning process to celebrate your successes and identify ways to improve your planning process.

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