The Premier Story

Planning for the Future:
A Functional, New Format

More than 30 years ago, Premier™ introduced educators to the concepts of student planning, time management and goal setting. We developed a planning framework and scheduling tools that support student organization and self-regulation skills. Since then, students in thousands of classrooms across North America have turned to Premier™ planners to help them manage their tasks, set academic goals, balance their priorities, and plan for their futures.

As the leader in student planning, we know your planning needs. We strive to meet the diverse needs of students, and the educators and families who support their academic progress. Through focus groups and meetings with our valued customers we solicit feedback and refine our products annually.

You asked, we listened and we delivered.

  • YOU ASKED for a simple, functional and efficient planner, which provides substantial writing space and an uncluttered format to reduce student distractions. WE DEVELOPED a new compact design that proportionately has more writing space than prior planner templates.
  • YOU ASKED for a planner in an easy to hold size and shape that’s distinct from other notebooks your students may carry. WE DEVELOPED a visually appealing 8” x 10” planner featuring ergonomically designed rounded corner, which makes the planner pliable, unique and easy for students to get in and out of their backpacks.
  • YOU ASKED for a planner that supports time-management and organizational skill development that doesn’t require additional instructional time. WE DEVELOPED a student planner design using the onTRAC® planning process that guides students at all levels to identify, manage and accomplish the things that matter.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, our broad range of student planning formats, and our selection of customizable options is the Premier™ Promise. We invite you to experience the Premier™ Promise first-hand and learn more about our exclusive planning system.

As the leaders in student planning, we continue moving forward.

Helping you plan for success because every future deserves a great plan.