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CANADIAN MAGNETS 2018/19 Schedule

Materials Required Proof Out Final Proof Approval Ship Date Delivery Date
on or before on or before on or before on or before on or before
10-Apr-18 24-Apr-18 4-May-18 4-Jun-18 11-Jun-18
15-May-18 29-May-18 8-Jun-18 9-Jul-18 16-Jul-18
29-May-18 12-Jun-18 22-Jun-18 23-Jul-18 30-Jul-18
5-Jun-18 19-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 30-Jul-18 6-Aug-18
12-Jun-18 26-Jun-18 6-Jul-18 6-Aug-18 13-Aug-18
19-Jun-18 3-Jul-18 13-Jul-18 13-Aug-18 20-Aug-18
26-Jun-18 10-Jul-18 20-Jul-18 20-Aug-18 27-Aug-18
3-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 27-Jul-18 27-Aug-18 3-Sep-18


  1. Materials Required Deadline includes PO receipt if it is a "PO required Customer".
  2. PDF Proof will be sent to the Materials Contact email address (required) within 14 business days of complete & accurate materials submission.
  3. Delivery Date is confirmed based on the Final Proof approval date (see schedule above).
  4. There are NO EXCEPTION timelines to this schedule or the Delivery Dates available.