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We’ve been busy building the most useful solutions possible—tools that support educators, increase student academic achievement, build confidence throughout the school and offer a window to the world beyond the classroom. Our latest solutions leverage exclusive partnerships and tap into esteemed and award-winning research.

New Planners

Legacy Educator Planner

Legacy Products for Professional and Personal Use New...More.

Student Planner - Esteem™

Premier Esteem™ Reinforce Positive Behavior in All Students Addresses the Whole Child to improve student’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development so teaching and learning...More.

Classic Notebook

Classic onTRAC™ Notebook The Classic onTRAC Notebook allows students to use their own words to Think, Record, Act, and Check on what is being said, read or described. Encourages better note...More.

Family Planner - Family Engagement Activity Planner

Family Engagement Activity Planner A practical tool that supports busy families as partners in their children’s education. Encourage families to engage with their children in learning activities...More.

New Supplements & Enhancements

Financial Planning 2nd Edition

Financial Planning Help students learn effective money management and basic financial planning skills. This new edition includes sections on budgeting, managing credit cards, and online banking.More.

Today/onTRAC® Pagefinder with Adhesive Flags

Enhance student time management and study skills with easy access to reuseable adhesive flags useful for highlighting and organizing information and tasks. Additionally these Pagefinders help...More.

Today/onTRAC® Pagefinder

Support student organization skills. Help students quickly find the date and week, while reinforcing the four-step onTRAC® system. Pagefinder easily clicks into/out of the planner coil allowing...More.

Clickable Pouch

Whether for home-school communication, homework or project planning these reuseable plastic pouches support student organization. Each pouch easily clicks into the student planner and 3-ring binder.More.

Clickable Tabs

Get students organized with reuseable tabs that easily click into their student planner. Each set of four multi-colored tabs includes a sheet of stickers to make it easy for students to find what...More.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Choices

Drugs, Alcohol, and Choices Provides middle and high school students with facts about substance abuse, and where they can find help to end harmful habits and create a healthy lifestyle. More.

150th Year - Canada Poster

Show your Canadian Spirit with the New Canada Poster celebrating Canada’s 150th year. More.