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The 21st Century School and Workplace: How are they changing?

This white paper is designed to provide a research-based response to the following essential questions:

  • How are the 21st Century School and Workplace changing? What are the implications of these changes for students, educators, and parents?
  • What does the research tell us about the role of planning, organization, and time management in determining students' success in our 21st Century world?
  • How can we ensure that every student learns to plan, organize, and manage time successfully?
  • How can supporting students to become effective planners benefit teachers?
  • How can parents, guardians, and families help students to become effective planners, organizers, and time managers?

In addition, this report will align the answers to these questions with the design principles of the "onTRAC® Planning Process" published by School Specialty Planning & Student Development. We hope that readers will see the powerful connection between these materials and the preparation of every learner for success in the 21st Century school and workplace.

Why Plan?

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