White Papers

We are passionate about planning!

We recognize it as a powerful skill that allows individuals to minimize stress, accomplish more, and feel good about the goals they set and reach. We believe in student development. We understand that students who learn to plan, set goals, organize and act on their plans, have learned the important skills of self management.

We stand behind all of this not because it makes logical sense, but rather because research consistently indicates that a person’s ability to self-regulate is critical to their achievement in school and life. The ability for citizens to compete in the 21st century requires all individuals to have a unique skill set to be able to live in a change-dominated, technology-driven, and globally interconnected world. We’ve compiled research and studies into whitepapers that help illustrate the importance for planning skills.

Educational Implications from Neuroscience

What neuroscience reveals about the critical role of planning, time management and strategic thinking to student success in the media-driven, multitasking twenty-first century

Using research compiled from some of the best neuroscientists available in the field, we looked at the role that brain development plays in the 21st century, which is dominated by media and technological influences. We were interested in how these influences actually affect the way the brain adapts and grows. More.

Media Multitasking and The Student Brain

The Impact of Media Multitasking upon Students' Academic Performance

Learn what it takes to help every student be effective in an environment where media rules their attention. Because our environment is so laden with technology, it is even more important for students today to understand how to plan and organize. Time management can be challenging when so many distractions exist and procrastination becomes an easy habit. Academic success is reliant upon a navigational system that helps students organize their time, thoughts, learning strategies, and the actions they take. More.

Why Plan?

The 21st Century School and Workplace: How are they changing?

This white paper addresses how to promote student success in the 21st-century school and workplace. In order to function effectively in the 21st century, students must learn to think creatively, independently manage their time, set goals, organize, work collaboratively, multi-task and produce results. More.