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Useful Tools to Help Teach Planning!

Providing easy-to-use, accessible resources for busy teachers

Premier wants schools to get the most out of student planners, that’s why we offer downloadable implementation tools to support classroom efforts. Offering tools such as lesson plans, newsletters, family tip sheets, tracking forms and more!

  • Extend learning outside the classroom into the home
  • Increase Instructional time
  • Prepare students for in-class learning time
  • Improve family-school partnerships

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Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle Download

Help students lead a healthy lifestyle with this Fitness Tracker page. Perfect for keeping students healthy and accountability for athletic programs. This reuseable page allows students to track daily, physical activity and take charge of and claim their healthy accomplishments.

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Gamifying Student Engagement - May 13, 2013

Educators have begun to adopt the reward structures of video games, such as badges for meaningful achievements, into their lesson planning. In her TED talk, "Gaming Can Make a Better World," author...

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Modeling: Essential for Learning - March 27, 2013

Do you remember learning to tie your shoes? Or learning to bake a cake? Or learning to read? I'm guessing you did not learn by watching a video or listening to a lecture. You learned by being shown,...

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School Specialty and Curriculum Concepts International Launch ‘Everyday Learning Fun’ Early Reading Program - March 22, 2013

Common Core-aligned prevention program incorporates targeted instruction, progress measurement and parental involvement

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The Homework Debate - March 6, 2013

In the ongoing debate about whether student time spent doing homework is beneficial, the question is not so much about the value of homework as it is about the type and amount of work assigned to...

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Educational Implications from Neuroscience

While we seek a balance for today's student appetite for media multitasking, we have also entered a...More.

Media Multitasking and The Student Brain

Let's face it. Kids today are plugged in. Although schools are still using textbooks, encyclopedias...More.

Why Plan?

As parents and teachers, we want our children to excel in the classroom, because we believe it will...More.

All of children's early experiences, whether at home, in child care, or in other school settings, are educational.

- Pamela C. High

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