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Carol Carter is the author and co-author of 20 books and a speaker at education conferences across the country. She regularly appears on radio, television and in print discussing today's topics about student and career success. Read Carol's blog Carol is the president and founder of LifeBound, which publishes books, conducts training in academic coaching skills, and provides teacher training in K-12 schools.

LifeBound's mission is to provide emotional, social and academic skills to students of all backgrounds, stages and learning styles. Working with principals and educators, the company teaches academic coaching skills that are built on innovation, high standards, and challenging, results-driven instruction.

Critical and Creative Thinking for Teenagers
Carol Carter, Maureen Breeze

In this book, readers learn how critical and creative thinking promotes:

  • Life and career skills.
  • Learning and innovative skills.
  • Information and technology skills.

Gifts and Talents for Teenagers: Discovering Your Unique Strengths
Carol Carter

This book helps students:

  • Recognize and use their gifts and talents.
  • Understand how learning styles and strengths can work together.
  • Identify and overcome obstacles.
  • Develop strengths and manage weaknesses.
  • See how gifts and talents connect to careers and the world at large.
  • Honor their true self.

Junior Guide to Senior Year Success: Becoming a Global Citizen
Carol Carter

This new title is part of LifeBound’s ‘Stair-Step to Student Success’ series. In addition to being a resource for students and parents in the trade market, many schools districts across the country are concerned about helping students avoid senioritis. Readers learn creative solutions for keeping students on track to success.

Leadership for Teenagers
Carol Carter, Maureen Breeze

Through introspection and the study of both historical and modern day leaders, this book promotes 21st century leadership skills in today's teens. Each chapter presents students with the opportunity to evaluate and develop leadership skills.

Majoring in the Rest of Your Life
Carol Carter

College students who truly want to succeed after graduation must start preparing as soon as they begin their post-high school education. This book helps high school seniors gain skills vital to college success, including defining interests and goals, balancing academic and personal lives, aiming for useful extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, finding internships and, eventually, sending out résumés and going to interviews.

Making the Most of High School: Success Secrets for Freshmen
Carol Carter

This book offers advice and practical strategies for middle school and high school students. It includes anecdotes from high school students about how to navigate the choppy waters of adolescence with humor and real-world instruction for how to get the most out of high school and beyond. This book is a must read for principals, teachers and students.

People Smarts for Teenagers: Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
Carol Carter

The teen years are fraught with emotional ups and downs. Students often don't know why they feel the way they do and many wonder if their feelings are normal. Some teens report the gnawing perception that no one understands them, and they may act out this frustration. This book can help teenagers understand the emotional changes they may be experiencing.

Sophomore Guide to College and Career: Preparing for Life After High School
Carol Carter

This new title is part of LifeBound's 'Stair-Step to Student Success' series. In addition to being a resource for students and parents in the trade market, many schools districts across the country offer career classes during the sophomore year of high school. This book helps teachers present planning for college and career in a reader-friendly format based on Carol Carter's expertise.

This book helps inspire students to dream, conduct a self-analysis, learn critical thinking skills, manage resources, match abilities and interests to career fields, understand the global landscape, rebound from setbacks, and prepare for the real world of work.

Stop Parenting and Start Coaching
Carol Carter, Gary Izumo, Joe Martin

This is a practical, easy-to-read tool to help parents build healthy relationships with their teenagers. The narrative format shows parents how to coach their teens through difficult decisions and connect with them on a higher level.

Study Skills for High School Students
Carol Carter, Dylan Lewis

This book equips students with the keys for academic success: goal setting, learning styles, active note taking, preparing for tests, and critical thinking skills.

Success in Middle School: A Transition Roadmap
Carol Carter

As a transition expert, Carol Carter helps students from 5-12th grade make the transition to success in college, career and life.